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At Hkitservices, I help you successfully market yourself on Twitch.tv. Now you have this online content platform right at your doorstep. With millions of subscribers and users, the Twitch platform gives tremendous opportunities to businesses to market their products and services. Whatever be your business – games, illustrations, painting or music- – I will go the extra mile to help you promote it. Located quite conveniently in Ottawa, I am laser-focused on growing your business. Please get in touch on 6137961149 to learn more about my services and prices.

Customer reviews and service

Many of the businesses I have partnered with have returned for additional work or new projects, and some have given me excellent reviews, as well. In large part this is because my customer service is second to none, and I always go the extra mile for my clients. If you want to reach out to influencers who help you get more sales, get in touch today.


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